Bangkok Next Decade Prediction

Bangkok is one of the best destinations for travelers around the world according to the Travel & Leisure, an American famous magazine for travelers, but for me who has lived here since I was born, there are many areas that need to be improved such as education, transportation and quality of life.

I saw some children, who studied in Prathom 6 (Grade 6) but couldn’t read, near my home. This is an example of educational failure. Education not only in Bangkok but Thailand has been improved very slowly. Almost indicators such as National Test, Thai children score lower than 50% each subject. In my opinion, for the next decade, education in Bangkok and Thailand would be improved but not too much. There still would be some children that couldn’t read, and couldn’t solve a simple mathematical equation.

According to the same magazine, Bangkok is one of the world’s most traffic-congested cities. I spend almost three hours a day on roads. It’s great news that the traffic problem will be eliminated by mass transportation.

Transportation is one of policies that the government focuses on. We can see many lines of sky train that are being constructed in Bangkok and other provinces connected to Bangkok such as Samutprakan and Nonthaburi. Travelling in the next decade would be faster and easier. Not only in Bangkok but also a whole country, transportation between provinces would be faster and timelier by dual rail train. Moreover, there would be high-speed train connecting to our neighbor countries such as Laos and Malaysia. People wouldn’t need to live in city center. They could live farther away and go to their office around Central Business District by trains.

As described in above paragraphs, if the education and transportation were improved, the results would be a better quality of life. Higher education results in higher revenue. Better transportation results in spending less time on roads and less pollution. Bangkokian’s quality of life would definitely be better, I predict.