Computer Animation

An animation or a cartoon is one of favorite thing of any children and everyone had been a child. Have you ever wondered about how animation is made? The animation is made by quick changing pictures of an object that moves slightly; it is so quick that it seems smooth. Animation is divided into many types such as traditional animation, stop motion etc., but I prefer to discuss about traditional animation which each frame is drawn.

The pictures are drawn at least twenty four pictures per a second then, only one story of animation which spends one hour and a half; an animator have to draw at least 129,600 pictures. Computer animation software can help an animator make it easy. Simple example, assume that an animator want object to move from one point to another point, he only have to draw two pictures: the object at the begin point and the object at the finish point, and the rest are generated by the computer animation software. This technique is called TWEENING and the frame that the animator was drawn on is called KEYFRAME. From this example, we can see that the animator can produce animation more quickly and easily. The sample of animation software: Adobe Flash (Formerly Macromedia Flash), Anime Studio, Autodesk Animator, Express Animator etc.

There are disadvantages of using computer animation software such. For instance, formerly, an animator had to know drawing and coloring picture, but in present day an animator has to know not only that knowledge but also solving problem using computer. High knowledge worker brings about the cost of the production. Another major cost of using computer animation software is the price of software. If you want high quality software to do your animation, you have to pay them expensive. The next disadvantage is some opinion in the social who against digital technology. They think that a computer drawn picture is not lively as a man drawn picture. This includes digital camera photographing and film camera photographing.

You can choose the way you want to create an animation. The importance is not the way to make animation but the importance is to entertain audience and response to the social namely, an animation that is a media should sustain culture in the social.


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