What is a computer ?

We cannot refuse that at present day, a computer becomes the fifth requisite in our lives. Basic using of computer is first taught in kindergarten or primary school. This shows how much necessary computer is, in this age.

A computer is used in many purposes. However, at first, a computer that was very colossal, was introduced to largely numerical calculate. Thus, there were computers in only huge organizations such as banks, university or important ministries.  The time was passed and the computer was developed; its size is smaller, its price is cheaper, its ability is more. Nowadays, there are computers in almost every household, office and organization.  A computer is used as a television, a home theater, a calculator, a radio, a text book or a window that can sees the global, etc.

Conversely, a computer can be used to be a criminal’s equipment. Namely, criminal uses computer to crack network that is not allowed by administrator, uses computer network to piracy, uses computer on risqué way.

We can see that, in this day computer can be used in many ways, both creative and uncreative. Therefore, a computer is a precious thing, if the user has the morality. On the other hand, a computer is a despicable thing, if the user is foul.


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